Full Launch Package
We provide an extensive selection of services both separately and as part of a package. We begin every partnership with a preliminary discussion over the project's concept and the team's goals, in order to make sure that we remain on the same page.

We can create and audit your:
● Token concept and the economic model of the token (tokenomics, recommendations on how to choose the right token type for the fundraising);
● White paper (concept, content, copywriting, design);
● Financial Model of the project;
● One pager of the project (investment teaser);
● Pitch deck (investment deck) of the project;
● Website (content, prototype, and copywriting);
● Marketing strategy;
● Fundraising timeline, breakdown by stages;
● Project's roadmap.

Additionally, we can conduct:
● Market research (market volume and potential, competitors & substitutes, changeover cost analysis, etc.);
● Breakdown analysis of the financing structure and token distribution through the validity of the project objectives;
● Sample calculation of investment performance of the project (appraisal of the project's future value on the basis of estimated demand for tokens and comparison of rivals` post-STO/ICO/IEO market caps);
● Validation of all documents with the crypto community and partner investors;
● Investor outreach campaign: sending the Project's investment teaser and report to X10's investor's database (1500+ private investors, VCs, Institutional investors, etc.). Full analytics after campaign.

We can offer:
● Recommendations for the product concept to improve investors' perception;
● Support with the selection of advisors and experts for the project. We have access to a wide range of well-known experts and advisors in the blockchain/investment industry;
● Development of the Technical assignment for lawyers in order to build a legal base for the project. Operational communication with lawyers picked by the customer;
● Development and recommendations on roadshow and conference participation.
Price on request
* All services can be performed separately