Community Setup & Management
Complimentary Community Audit
Community is essential for ensuring your business attracts an educated and engaged audience that trusts you. Ensure you're following all the best practices through an audit with one of our experts! Schedule a call to get started!
Community Setup & Management (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit)
● 24/7 community support services in a public Telegram group of the project;
● 3 community managers working 8-hour shifts, covering all 24 hours;
● Moderating & Engaging the Community with content and updates on project;
● Creating/updating the pinned message on Telegram;
● Creating/Updating FAQ with tailored answers;
● Fighting Spammers and Scammers in the group;
● Maintaining a reasonably short response time (typically below 1 Minute);
● Driving investors (private/public) directly to the project's team;
● Installing necessary Telegram bots to keep the group spam-free with no scam links, etc.;
● Sending invitations to join the Chat among the biggest Telegram crypto and blockchain chats;
● Guaranteed 300-500+/week live participants to join the project's public Telegram chat.
Community Nurturement
We use unique tactics that gamify/incentivize community education, trust, brand reach, as well as drive conversions.
● Giveaways, competitions, airdrops, etc.;
● Guerrilla marketing + community structuring;
● Community cohorts & raids
Shilling & Community Marketing
Jumpstart your social media efforts with strategic paid campaigns that drive reach and results
● Creditable native accounts;
● Shilling in internal & external groups.
Price on request
* All services can be performed separately