We don’t just market crypto businesses around the world — we help them reach their full potential.
SERGIS is a Full-Stack Blockchain & Crypto Marketing Agency with
360-degree range of services.
How Can We Help You?
Full service digital/crypto marketing agency SERGIS implements a data-driven approach to creating products and services for crypto businesses worldwide.
We will carry out the technical work involved in creating a smart contract. Our experts will revise the token with you.
Smart Contracts
We will help you create a highly detailed White Paper for potential investors in which we will describe all of the significant and appealing features of your project or idea.
White Paper Development
We drive all aspects of marketing strategies by setting up disruptive techniques and solutions according to the goals and peculiarities of your token. Join the NFT craze and stay on trend!
NFT Promotion
Get a loyal audience for your project from the leaders of the Twitter, Youtube, Instagram blockchain community.

● Influencers & paid ads to supercharge your end results;
● Twitter ad campaign marketing and social media engagement rate management;
● Influencer marketing to boost your brand recognition.
Paid Social
We are ready to design and develop every aspect of your project. Here are only some of the services we provide:

● Creation of the token concept and economic model;
● Delivery of thorough market research;
● Production of a comprehensive marketing strategy; intended for different platforms and audiences.
Full Launch Package
Website Creation
Websites must yield profit, instead of being mere liabilities on your balance sheet. We can aid you in creating websites that convert visitors to customers.

● Get a fully-adaptive website with a user-friendly interface at an affordable cost;
● Your website will provide you with a high conversion rate;
● Make the best out of your website.

We possess the expertise and capacity to deliver excellent results fast. We manage to attain goals by utilizing the principles of growth hacking.

● Our unique strategy for the promotion of clients’ projects involves:
● Using data-driven tools to make better marketing and advertising decisions;
● Embracing industry-leading tactics to boost conversion rates.
Growth Hacking
We step in & completely take social media off your shoulders with a robust goal-orientated execution.

● We deliver effective social strategy & optimizations;
● Rich-media content creation featuring various audio and visual elements;
● Social community management tailored to the needs of the audience.
Social Media Management
Exceptional-quality content is what we pride ourselves on. We are ready to go the extra mile to produce and share content loved by people.

● Relying on experiments to identify the ultimate ways to market products;
● A wide range of content types, from analytical articles and interview podcasts to fun videos and 3D graphics;
● A focus on content promoting brand awareness and ensuring customer retention.
Content Marketing
SERGIS is a premier community management agency for blockchain projects. We understand how to foster an engaged audience.

● We focus on growing communities organically, bringing real utility to people;
● We employ social media growth tactics and strategic community initiatives that deliver tangible results;
● Our services are versatile and flexible since we work across several platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit.
Community Setup & Management
Influencer Marketing
Social media celebrities' blogs can become a gateway to your target audience. Embrace the most effective way to promote products online.

● We will assist you with recruiting top creators and designing the entire campaign;
● You will be able to collaborate with notable influencers;
● We track all key data and present clients with reports on campaigns' results.
The bulk of our work is contained within the team itself. But it is not uncommon for us to be part of cross-functional teams or have workflows involving other departments.
We attract crypto leads to the following projects
Who do we work for?
Get To Know Our Team
We are a team of highly specialized community experts with over 40 years of collective experience in the digital marketing industry. We are also passionate about blockchain and how it is revolutionizing the future. With our combined expertise and passion, our mission is to help blockchain projects stand out and thrive in the digital space. We do not buckle under pressure,
and always stay on the cutting edge, while being incredibly resourceful. No matter the challenge, we will work tirelessly to find a solution that meets your needs. Let’s help you navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and take your blockchain project to the next level!
Nikita is responsible for the RPG game. His extensive game experience and community management skills help him create interesting and engaging game mechanics that both hardcore players and people who have never played the game will appreciate.
RPG Team Lead
Sergis is a strong believer in performance-based marketing, promoting the idea that any investment should yield measurable results. He is certain that clients must be able to see the results per every dollar spent.
Elena oversees every aspect of our agency, making sure that it runs as efficiently as possible. She leads continuous improvement to enhance the quality of our services and analyzes key metrics to optimize our internal processes.
Chief Operating Officer
Is an art wizard who curates the visual direction of our projects. He has been a top freelancer for more than 10 years, which gives us the opportunity to meet the needs of any client. He goes by the motto: "God is a designer"
Nick has a lot of p2e gaming experience, with many achievements in popular projects like Axies Infinity, Thetan Arena, Gods Unchained, Sorare and Splinterlands. Creator of communities for these games. Also worked with the community of several large p2e projects.
Head of Guild Team
Nick aka Rast
Daniil helps clients find a following and increase sales. He leads a team of managers engaging audiences through collaborations with DeFi, Crypto, and P2E projects. The team uses tools such as AMAs and giveaways.
Head of Community Department
Alexa has extensive experience in community management, negotiation, media, and PR. Her professionalism helps us to organize events of different levels, which engage audiences in lively discussions and interactions on social media of your project
Acquisition Lead
Vlad 's primary background lies in the spheres of academic writing and crypto. He has a knack for multitasking and a love for research. At SERGIS, Vlad is responsible for creating various content, ranging from promotional materials to white papers.
We are a team of experts that will support your business at all stages
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