All Services
SERGIS offers one of the largest portfolios of services in the Web 3.0 industry. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in a wide range of crypto market subjects. You can trust us with a project of any complexity, we guarantee you to deliver the best results possible.
Here are the key areas of our professional expertise:
● Full launch package
We can design and build your project from start to finish, from a tokenomics model to a marketing strategy.
● Community setup & management
We can set up and grow your community on all major social media platforms, including Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.
● Social Media Management
The success of DeFi projects largely depends on their social media activity. Our SMM team is ready to make your brand’s name known to millions across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.
● Growth hacking
Experimentation is key to an effective marketing campaign. We leverage a variety of marketing techniques and tactics to discover what works best and then make the most of it.
● Content marketing
As Gary Vee once said, “Content is king,” "and he couldn’t be more correct. That’s why we carefully craft content for our clients, making sure that it reverberates with the end consumer.
● Public relations
We are certain that well-managed media relations are nothing less than free advertising.
● Influencer marketing
Influencers control the minds and hearts of millions of people, let us help you find the most popular of them to promote your product.
● Top media PR (Tier 1) for DeFi
An article about your project published by a top-notch media outlet can significantly boost your brand’s credibility.
● IDO/Listing + VC
We can assist you in conducting an IDO or getting your token listed on a major exchange. Additionally, we can help your get in contact with top-shelf investors.
● NFT collections development
NFTs are everywhere these days and competition may seem too steep to some. Yet, we definitely can make your collection stand out.
● P2E products development
GameFI is reigning supreme on the crypto market and we know how to create an awe-inspiring gaming project.
● DeFi platform development
Decentralized Finance is the backbone of Web 3.0, design and deploy a solid DeFi platform with SERGIS to capitalize on the true technology of the future.
● Token launches and maintenance
We can take care of every aspect of your token, across its entire lifespan.
● Media buying
Our marketing department can quickly identify the channels most relevant to your target audience.
● Multimedia production
We create all sorts of audio and visual content, from amazing illustrations to dynamic 3D videos.
● Guerilla marketing
Unorthodox tactics and an element of surprise are the main ingredients to spike people’s interest in your brand, and, trust us, we know how to mix them for maximum impact.